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Genital epitheses – all genders LGBTQIA+

Genital Epitheses – LGBTQIA+

Hello everyone,

Usually you have all had a long and difficult path behind you. Evaluations, legal sex change, surgeries and everything that comes with it.

Some of you decided against an adaptive genital surgery completely, others are still deciding whether or not the surgery will be their personal choice and again others who postponed the procedure for the time being.

I am glad for every single person who is happy with their genitals, but for everyone else I strive to create a great alternative to ultimately feel the same satisfaction.

In 2013 I got the first request for a penis epithesis which was the start of individually developing realistic epitheses that are designed after thorough consideration of wishes and requests of each patient. This request has sparked my passion!

The epitheses for penis and testicles are a special kind of epitheses. It is made from medical silicone and fixated to the skin with a specific skin-friendly adhesive. The epithesis is not only visually of a high quality but also comes with corresponding functions such as urinating or sexual intercourse (even with stimulation). For those personal needs we will create the appropriate solution.

The vulva epithesis is another special epithesis which is also made from medical silicone. It can be worn as a cup in your panties or as a panty itself to hide the “old” genital. The panty can be made with a urinating function.

For these epitheses/prostheses you can apply for cost absorption with your health insurance, here we can certainly help you with the process.

We cater to
– Trans*men
– Trans*women
– Male or female perceiving non-binary
– Intersex people

Penis Epitheses

I am not only able to create epitheses for penis and testicles, but also provide them in case of complications after surgery or aesthetic adaptions with or without functions. If needed we can create a lymph compression splint.
  • Trans*men
  • Congenital variants
  • Accidents
  • Diseases (such as tumours)
  • Micropenis

Vulva Epitheses

  • Trans*women
  • Congenital variants
  • Accidents