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Epitheses on the head, upper body and extremities

Epitheses for Head, Upper Body and Extremities

Ear Epitheses

Ear epitheses substitute the ear.
The healthy ear gives us a great example to mirror which helps us to create a harmonious overall picture. Even glasses and hearing aids are no issue, we can work with them.

Eye Epitheses

Eye epitheses substitute the missing eye. Mostly we create not only the eye but also the skin surrounding the area. Like every other epithesis these will be perfectly adapted to match your body.

Nose Epitheses

Nose epitheses substitute the nose. A nose is THE central point of a face which is why we carefully work with your anatomy here.

Gingival Epitheses (Gums)

Gingival epitheses are made from medical soft silicone to substitute the gums and therefore they can improve the aesthetic in cases of periodontosis or implants.

Before / After

How to Fixate Epitheses

Epitheses located in the area of your face are usually worn with implants. In some cases facial epitheses are worn with a medical skin-safe adhesive.

Breast Epitheses

  • Women
  • Men

Mamilla Epitheses (Nipple)

  • Women
  • Men

It is possible to create an epithesis for the mamilla after necrosis or after a mastectomy (i.e.). My experience and the close collaboration with the patient allows me to individually work with wishes and requests to create the desired result.

Toe & Finger Epitheses

  • Congenital variants
  • Accidents
  • Diseases (such as tumors)