epithetics and transidentity ?


In the year 2013 the question about a penis epithesis was brought forward to me. And so I started to develop an individual and most importantly a lifelike epithesis which matched the wishes of my patients.

The penis-testicle-epithesis is a special epithesis. It is made out of medical silicon and is attached to the skin with special skin-friendly glue.

It is optically high-quality as well as having the relevant functions, so for example it is possible to urinate or to have sexual intercourse. Out of this one request a passion derived somehow.

The epithesis is generally covered by the health insurance if you hand in a proposal. We can fill in the proposal together.

For many transmen it is important to be able to urinate standing up and to have sexual contacts. In accordance with these needs we can produce a suitable penis epithesis.

- Yes to more quality of life -